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years active

2001 - present





Film Awards:

- Favorite Supporting Actor in Indonesian Movie Awards 2012 (winner)

Baim Wong was born in Jakarta, 27 April 1981. Achieved fame through stage acting patron and model some of the products. The couple's son Johnny Wong and Kartini Martaadmadja whose real name is Mohammed Ibrahim had a relationship with a beautiful actress and singer Marshanda.

Baim Wong began his career in 2001, but he admitted to seriously wrestle world of soap operas began in 2005. Patron who has starred, among others, CINCIN, BENCI BILANG CINTA, ​​BUKAN DIRIKU and CINTA HILANG CINTA KEMBALI. In addition, there are many more soap opera that starred.

Besides active in the acting world soap opera, Baim also briefly starred in ads and movies. As for the movie that starred PENGANTIN CINTA, released in 2010. While the ads that he is starring Honda Vario and Carvil. Currently Baim also being preoccupied with filming Dilema Movie and a soap-opera,DEWA.

in Dilema, Baim's role as Ibnu, a young man due to environmental influences, being an extremist and would do anything for the sake of religion and beliefs that he trusted.
IMG 5521

Baim Wong as Ibnu

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