Synopsis Dilema The Movie

Dilemma is an omnibus film, five stories that depict dark side of Jakarta’s underbelly. Jakarta’s underground world that seldom to talk about, and forgotten by most of the people.

Jakarta is a metropolitan city, with millions problems, without way out. Jakarta has thousands stories about organize crime, shady characters, underworld life and the other side of law.

Sigit is an ex-gambler that used to be a king in Jakarta’s illegal casinos, but now in his late 50’s, Sigit is a shadow of his former self. Down on his luck old man, all of his family abandoning him. Today he wants to rekindle his connection with his son, and regain his honor that has been lost many years ago. But the only way he knows to regain all of that is by gambling! So Today, he returns to the casino to win back everything that has been lost in the gambling table, more than just money or his ego, even if he has to face his arch enemy, Gilang.
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Ario is a young cop that just being promoted as a detective. Today is his first day as a detective in Jakarta. His partner, Bowo is a senior cop with a thousands experiences in his sleeve. Today Ario will learn that to keep law and order in Jakarta is not as black and white as he thought it would be. Today, Ario must take a stand, is he a cop that will abide law no matter what happens or become a realistic man and accepts the corrupt system and society of Jakarta.

Ibnu is an extremist that willing to do anything to defend his religion and his belief. Nothing is unacceptable, even if he has to torch, burn and beat up his religion’s enemies. Little does he knows, that actually he’s only a puppet to his best friend, Said. Said has a bigger plan to all their organization’s movement. Today, Ibnu learns that believing a religion and defending his beliefs doesn’t mean he has to take arms and violence. And everything has consequences.

Adrian is a successful architect. He is always proud with his background, the fact that he’s grown up in a foster home. Adrian believe that he achieve all his success with all his will and his wit. Today, Adrian will meet Sonny Wibisono, a powerful conglomerate in Jakarta. And today, Adrian will learn the hard truth, that all of his life is a lie, a well calculated scheme. That he is only a cog in a big machine.

Dian has it all, beauty, brain and a wealthy family, but when her mom died on a car accident, her life is turned upside down. She becomes estranged to her father. Dian tries to commit suicide several times but failed. She used drugs to ease her pain. After she cleans for several months, Dian decides to go to her family beach house, to reminisce her passing mother. Today, Dian will meet a new friend, a beautiful and sympathetic Rima. Rima seems to understand her, but today Dian will learn, once you enter the drugs culture, you will meet dangerous people with malevolent intent.

The five stories in Dilemma will intertwine and interlocking, building into a thought provoking, heart breaking, intense and enlightens story. We will see the dark side of the human heart, where one decision will change the rest of our life. A testament that life will find its way!

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Dilemma (Indonesian Title is Dilema The Movie)

Dilemma (Indonesian Title is Dilema The Movie)

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Rendezvous The Gambler The Officer The Big Boss

Garis Keras (Hard-line)

Yudi Datau Robert Ronny ( Director) Adilla Dimitri (Director) Rinaldy Puspoyo (Director) Robby Ertanto Soediskam (Director)
Wulan Guritno , Pevita Pearce , Roy Sungkono, Panca Maknum. Slamet Rahardjo , Ray Sahetapy , Lukman Sardi Ario Bayu , Tio Pakusadewo Abimana Aryasatya, Roy Marten , Reza Rahadian , Jajang C. Noer Winky Wiryawan , Kenes Andari, Baim Wong , Rangga Djoned ,Verdi Solaiman

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DILEMA Behind The Scenes

DILEMA Behind The Scenes